About Our Adhesive

SoyStrongTM is the soy-based, formaldehyde-free adhesive we use to assemble our panel products. SoyStrong is your mark of assurance that hardwood plywood panels from States Industries meet the most stringent standards for indoor air quality.

States’ total commitment to soy-based adhesives means that all Veneer Core panels are free from formaldehyde resins and are designated NAF for No-Added-Formaldehyde.

SoyStrong technology comes standard with our non-veneer substrates like Particleboard and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), allowing these products to be labeled NAUF for No-Added-Urea-Formaldehyde.

With SoyStrong panels, you can breathe easier

States makes it easy for you to comply with current air quality standards and meet the growing demand for NAF and NAUF interior panel products. All veneer core panels from States Industries carrying the SoyStrong mark are fabricated from the finest woods available without any formaldehyde resins (NAF).

All SoyStrong panels exceed CARB Phase II and USGBC LEED criteria. Forest Stewardship Council® certification is also available as an option.

50+ years of caring about the environment

States’ commitment to the environment took hold more than fifty years ago when we began converting wood waste as an energy source for use in our manufacturing process. In 2008 the company shipped its first soy-bonded NAF panels, and in 2012 we converted to using soy-based, formaldehyde-free adhesives in 100% of our plywood products.

75% better than industry standards

Veneer core panels made with SoyStrong tested 75% lower in formaldehyde emissions than the lowest international formaldehyde standard.

The 0.009 PPM reading in SoyStrong panels represents trace levels of naturally occurring formaldehyde in the wood fiber itself. No other panel manufacturer can document a lower average reading.

Committed to Green Building Principles and Products


It began with converting wood waste to create energy at our plant.


Became the first production panel manufacturer to be FSC® certified.


Introduced NOVA UV finished hardwood plywood. First ultraviolet flatline finishing facility.


Began sponsorship of College Intern Program with the College of Forestry and Renewable Materials Department at OSU.


Received Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certificate


Introduced formal Lean Manufacturing principles eliminating waste, fostering creative problem solving and creating added value.


Accomplished our goal of sourcing a formaldehyde-free adhesive


Accomplished 100% conversion to a soy-based resin adhesive containing no formaldehyde.


Qualified for and installed a high efficiency lighting retrofit, thus gaining energy savings while reducing pollution.

Better lighting = improved safety and quality


States Industries recognized for compliance with the EPA’s TSCA Title VI Certification for Formaldehyde Emissions