The Art of Apple Ply

ApplePly has a uniquely clean and attractive cut edge that produces beautiful work through minimalist tactics.

Precisely Yours.

ApplyPly is the optimal choice when the art is in the details, providing both elegance and strength in equal measure.

As the original architectural panel, ApplyPly is recognized by woodworkers, architects, and furniture designers alike as a premium product. With a core made of fine hardwood (birch) veneer layers, ApplePly provides a virtually void-free, cut-friendly substrate — ideal for projects that demand precision.

With a unique core made of 1/16” thick hardwood veneer, ApplePly features a structural advantage over typical substrate options.

ApplePly edges can be left exposed and used as a visual element unto itself, serving as a beautiful substrate worthy of any interior project.

As a wonderfully smooth and stable hardwood panel, ApplePly is an ideal product for getting perfect follow-through on your designs.

Our Capabilities

Architectural Interiors

ApplePly has been used by a variety of companies for architectural interiors and custom designs. Individual designers have created fascinating architectural interior spaces using ApplePly. As a virtually void-free product, ApplePly also helps to save time and labor on construction projects.


ApplyPly has recently gained favor as a material to use when making furniture. ApplePly’s attractive edges and high color contrast between the long and end grain give an industrial style perfect for making furniture. Whether for your next DIY or contracted project, look no further than ApplePly for a high-quality, reliable material that will last.

Store Fixtures

One of ApplePly’s most popular uses is in store fixtures, especially at retail stores where its attractive edge can be incorporated as a design element. This signature cut edge is cleaner and more attractive than softwood plywood, needing only to be sanded and finished to prove a visually stunning aesthetic perfect for any retail display.

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