Worried about formaldehyde? SoyStrong panels from States Industries provide an environmentally friendly alternative

September 8, 2016

EUGENE, Ore—SoyStrong products from States Industries offer the assurance that hardwood panels are produced with 100 percent soy-based, formaldehyde-free resins. SoyStrong veneer-core panels test 75 percent lower in formaldehyde emissions than the lowest international formaldehyde standard.

“SoyStrong is a guarantee to our consumers that the products they bring into their home or office meet the highest standards for indoor air quality,” said Mike Taylor, president of States Industries. “States’ total commitment to formaldehyde-free resins reflects market demand for superior operational and environmental performance.”

States has been committed to green principles and the environment for nearly 50 years. One of the company’s earliest environmental efforts was converting wood waste as an energy source for its manufacturing process. In 2008, States introduced the industry’s first soy-bonded, no-added-formaldehyde hardwood panels under the Elemental label. To align with the company’s 50th anniversary and recent improvements to the formulation, Elemental is being rebranded as SoyStrong. The new name reflects the company’s commitment to using high-quality, environmentally friendly, soy-based adhesives in all of its panel products.

Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring preservative often found in wood products. Large quantities of formaldehyde have traditionally been a component of glue in many plywood products. However, with SoyStrong, all veneer-core panels from States are free from formaldehyde resins; non-veneer substrates such as particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF) with the SoyStrong label have no added urea-formaldehyde. All SoyStrong products exceed California Air Resource Board (CARB) Phase II standards and contribute to the US Green Building Council’s LEED IEQ Credit 4.4: Low Emitting Materials.

For more information about SoyStrong, visit: https://www.statesind.com/product/soystrong

About States Industries
States Industries, LLC, was founded in Eugene, Oregon, in 1966 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. States is a premier manufacturer of hardwood panel and specialty component products and operates from a combined manufacturing base of 200,000 square feet, including a pre-finish line and custom color lab.

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