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Our Process

We build custom plywood panels to your exact specifications

Our proprietary manufacturing process allows you to customize every detail about your panel, from the substrate to the veneer species to the color and unique properties of its NOVA finish.

How to specify your custom plywood panel

1. Choose the Substrate

The process of creating your custom hardwood paneling starts with choosing the core (substrate) of your panel. Core selection is often a balancing act of choosing between performance characteristics and price.

2. Choose the Front and Back Veneers

Once you’ve determined a substrate for your panel, the next items to choose are the veneers that cover the front and back of your panel. You’ll be able to get as specific as you want with these, choosing your wood species, what type of cut you’d like, how the veneers will be matched and what grade you’ll need.

3. Choose Thickness and Length

Whether you need standard sized panels or something outside the norm, we’ve got you covered. Tell us what panel thickness you need: we have options ranging from 1/4″ up to 1-1/2″. You can also request extra short or extra long panel lengths to maximize yields and minimize waste, saving you time and money in the long run.

4. Choose Your Finish (or Unfinished)

The next step in completing your custom hardwood panel is choosing the finish for your panel (or leaving it unfinished). We have a wide range of options with our UV-cured, flatline finish NOVA line, anti-microbial NOVA SI, laboratory-grade NOVA LAB finish, popular NOVA Peak options or completely custom color matching for whatever you need.

5. Additional Machining

Let our Components Division create your pre-cut, pre-finished cabinet boxes, carcass assemblies, drawer box components, loose fixtures, flat panel doors and more. With our fully equipped machining center, we can fabricate cut parts, edgebanded and dowel-inserted case good components or whatever else you might need.